mayan hawk


My students, please awaken now to your future on this earth. Tell me, where is your enthusiasm and fortitude in saving this planet for yourselves and the next generations?

My students, why don't I see you protest to continue the fight against the polluters of the world?What has happened to the green ecology flags? They don't fly on campuses anymore. What has happened to the movements to save the oceans, our water, our animals, the EPA?

My students, why do I have to remind you that you may be the last generation to save this world? Why are you so numb to these facts and statistics that display the ticking time bomb to the next ecological disaster?

My students, stop hiding behind the clouds of cush and your cell phone messages so you can see the real world, a global community in need. Will you continue to just sit there and wait until the heads of government tell you that there is no fresh water, no gas, no food?

My students, tell my why you have not joined the fight? Why this apathy, this denial? Why are there no protests against these wars, the oil businesses, the FDA, the CIA, Wall Street, banking, Monsanto and all this new biologically created products?

My students, wake up out of this dark age to freedom! Insist upon better civil rights and contribute to changing our world for you and others. If you stay in this denial, one day soon your lives will turn into a system that the government rations everything to you as you receive your generic vegetables, water and shelter.

My students, please don't wait until the last flocks of birds fly and the last dolphins suffocate in the vastness of a polluted ocean.

My students, wake up from your slumber! This is all happening today!