mayan hawk
10) Eddie Kirchgessner 
New Jersey
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Friday, 6 April 2012 02:31 Write a comment

We grew together, shared our hopes and dreams together, played basketball together, a brother and friend till the end, I will miss you forever, but we will meet again, our spirits are one, I'm happy we re-united and took the trip to Fla., have a great journey. Peace and love.
9) Poppy Good 
Gold Hill
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Happy Trails to you, Gary! Enjoyed being part of The Village with you, everyone misses you!
8) allan 
san diego
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to my brother. my feelings are tocayo as the little girl in the red dress.
7) Bridget 
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(7)Aww your wanderlust Uncle - enjoy your new journey. Namaste from the girl in the red dress.
6) Susan 
Sedona, AZ
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Friday, 10 February 2012 09:20 Write a comment

My beloved brother, you will be missed. You honored and loved your sisters and shared your enormous heart and laughter easily. Safe journey ....
5) Jolynn 
Lincoln Nebraska
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I will remember you forever and ever. You knew how to live, love and laugh and teach others the same. It is so hard without your physical presence as I and many feel the void of your body. But the spirit world is rejoicing that you are finally there. I love you Gary, always will. Give a big hug to Norma and George when you see them from me. In peace we all try to go. ILY~Jolynn
4) Colette 
Olivebridge, NY
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I am deeply saddened to hear of Gary' passing...I haven't seen him for man years but have great memories of him. I knew him in grammar school and high school. He was so kind and funny and was physically a gorgeous man. His passing is a great loss to everyone whose life he touched.
3) Cathirose 
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Dear Soul Mate! From the day we reconnected in these bodies, you at 12 years old and me at 8 years old, our time together has been a gift. Too many stories to tell ;-) Our journeys continue, regardless of the time, place, or form. Forever in my heart...'til we meet again <3
2) Kathy 
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Saturday, 4 February 2012 09:12 Write a comment

(2)miss you - love you - wish you were still here but know you are working for us on the other side - thank you for everything - your life meant so much to so many people and your love changed the world into a better place. wowza am I ever going to miss you. love, Kathy Glover
1) Debby 
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Friday, 3 February 2012 17:00 Write a comment

(1)My wonderful friend and buddy, G-man, the Doctor. I will miss all of your antics, your peacefulness, your prayers, and your fun. Thanks for all your love and help. I love you.