mayan hawk


My children, your laughter brings warmth to the family of life and your energy is the reflection of the vitality of the positive vibration.

My children, your imagination gives hope to the future of invention that could change our world.
My children, you open your hearts and spread your innocence among the masses that are blessed and watched over by angels.

My children, watching you grow gives light to the spirit and hope to the family and the bond between the masculine and the feminine.

My children, your eyes shine the light that the Great Spirit has embedded in all our hearts to echo as the world rejoices in seeing your beautiful reflection of love in your smile.

My children, when I see your creativity in art, music and dance, I see the reflection of life in your brush strokes, your sculptures, your dance steps and your voices.

My children, your magnificent creation leads us to hope for the future, which touches everyone's heart and spreads to all mankind.


April 2010