mayan hawk


My brothers and sisters, we all know the love we have for our family and children and strive to walk the earth in peace. Every one has been created equally, look up to the stars and realize, we were all created in this oneness of our universe.

My sisters and brothers, open your eyes to the wonders and see the goodness that surrounds you. When a beggar passes, smile and bless him as if he were your master and don't judge his outward appearance for every man is a holy man. Share and bless those if you can, with food and shelter, even when one of a different color or religion appears, they too, are our brothers and sisters.

My brothers and sisters, respect the Elders, find time to smile and give them a sense of belonging, for they are our ancient teachers.

My sisters and brothers, every day is an opportunity to look out the window of life and spread this goodness through simple deeds that can change the course of someone's live.