mayan hawk

Maize madre

May the Gods be with us
May the birds fly with us
May the dolphins swim with us
May the jaguars walk with us
May the universe always be part of us.

Oh sweet mother of the corn
Feed the children, make them strong
Grow tall, until the fall
When harvest time comes, we pray for more!

Oh sweet mother of the corn
Your sweetness fills our souls
Your spirit lifts our hearts
For Ceni we can’t be parted
Building empires in the sun
Maize is our life blood
For the young to come

Oh sweet mother of the corn
The Yucatan winds make us warm
Blessed are the ones that pray to you
Mother we love you so
Give us a plentiful harvest
To feed the pueblo.

Ninos smile everyday
Because they know the
Corn mother is
On her way

Oh sweet mother of the corn
Guide us through the fields of the Hopi
Hear the prayers that we spoke
Give us your grain today
So we can live a better tomorrow
Our destiny follows –

Oh seet mother of the corn
We pray to Chac to make it rain
To propogate every grain
Nourishing your fertile soil
You are the daughter of the
Great Earth Mother’s toil.

Oh sweet mother of the corn
Bring us the harvest
To make us strong.