mayan hawk

A Thought for Peace

Ocho de Deciembre 1999

When the divine mind made the first people under the sun, “She only requested that prayer be rendered each day, for each and every purpose and to enlighten your mind and your soul.”

How could it be that a race of people could forget such a small task, yet remember seemingly endless webs of confusion, lies of corruption, and the names of self-declared Gods or other spiritual leaders who lead us down blind roads.  We are then asked to enslave ourselves in the names of some God and spend countless hours building the houses for these people who lead us down the blind and narrow road to a dead end of false spirituality.

Why have we chosen to follow these roads in the name of Allah, Moses, Muhammed, Jesus when the divine energy never meant to separate people into different religious aspects of spirit.

The divine energy through love created togetherness, was not one divine divinity enough to worship, to give yourself fully to, to be one with.  Then why do these modern preachers play and pray on the masses in God’s or some other religious name?  Why do they preach fear and hold us below them?  Why are some of these religious leaders of these corrupt temples of worship competing in the Olympics of money making in the name of the almighty?

What do you think will happen to these religious leaders’ thoughts, souls, and hearts if the divine energy decides to visit their house, then asked these noble and supposedly and angelic leaders to stand naked before her and answer some questions about their preaching of positive divinity?  Can there be a religion that takes no one for their leader, but has a faith in the holy spirit of the divine mind that guides them without the delivery of money, jewels, or other goods?  Can’t we look further inside and then go further in our heart and be our own temple walking under the sun with angels, knowing that good was done today, happiness expanded, and our faith recognized?  Could it be only when a supreme announcement of the divine mind returning that more people would reawaken and raise their arms in prayer while others might at the same time beg for forgiveness?

I say to all people that today is that time to pray every day, not just one day, but every day with an open heart on the matters of being one with positive divinity and love.  Realize that there is always time to speak from your heart and let there be joy in all your words.  Let these words echo love from your heart so that it vibrates boundlessly to cross rivers, scale mountains, and travel to the ends of the universe.  This divine spirit hears and feels your vibration, so let there be beauty in all we see in each moment in our gift of sight, in our realization of joy.  Let there be happiness in all the work you do, for when you work with a true heart, your happiness perpetuates love.

May the hands of divinity touch you in all your choices and always realize that her divine angels are always watching.