mayan hawk

A Christmas Prayer

It is the Star to Earth connection that honors all paths,To the heart of the One.

Children of the Rainbow are here to welcome you back to Paradise to share the ancient wisdom and secrets of Our past lives.

This is the time of the greatest miracles, the greatest changes and spiritual bliss is instantaneous, Prayer every day, To be with the breath of life.

Love brings us peace, Peace brings us Joy, Joy brings us Happiness

Peace flows on an ocean tide into our souls rushing into our hearts with the vibration of Hope.
Love radiates though our aura expanding our hearts  to this higher vibration kindling the Phoenix bird  from the ashes

Joy surrounds us with a caressing Wind, the fragrances of flowers blows the essence of nature. Our minds fill with the EARTHS’ perfumes  and the sound of the waves are the ebb and flow of our heartbeats.

Our senses allow us to experience the full potential of the DIVINE

Tasting the ambrosia of the divine we experience our ancient wisdom

Truth speaks to us though nature

As we open our hearts more consciously let the our days of life be filled with JOY

The universal doors open to Hope ,Prosperity and Love

Flowing free like the untamed rivers , follow your stream of life and share JOY, Love and  Happiness

Take a minute to look inward for the Golden Vibration

Meditate with your GOD